Dei African Research Center - DARC

Being effective in research is a continuous process in which certain values and behaviours are critical. To do research successfully, an open-minded, flexible, self-disciplined, and passionate perseverance is essential. So, keep that deliberate effort going. The pursuit of new information is central to research. So, be prepared to work on initiatives that are open-minded. Dei Africa Research Center - DARC offers the chance for researchers or students who enjoy conducting research to join us as well as the chance for others to learn about some of the research conducted by Dei Africa Research Center - DARC. We always provide alternatives to assist our researcher to  benefit from the research that we conduct as the research center in Africa.


Accredited institutions must uphold the highest quality standards in their operations, training, and so forth. Furthermore, this trust proves its commitment to excellence by adopting DARC Trust Standards and Practices, the ethical and technological principles for the responsible operation of trusted institutions, and satisfying the accreditation requirements derived from them.


Nonprofit organizations, particularly trustworthy ones, are increasingly being asked to show their accountability to the public. Accredited institutions have voluntarily submitted their organizations to an external, independent review of their practices. As a result, accreditation provides the public with the assurance that trusted institutions display the accreditation seal that meets established standards for organizational quality.


Our Institution is recognized by International Commission for Education Accreditation Seminary (ICFEAS is based in ZAMBIA, Peru and USA) with recognation number 0070/23 


The accrediting seal is a badge of distinction given to trust organisations that have attained high criteria of competence. Each authorised, trustworthy institution must go through a thorough assessment procedure before joining a network of organisations united by high ethical standards. DARC's trusted network exemplifies accountability, excellent organisational leadership, and long-term stewardship. DARC is a global certification authority that offers credential awards to people and accredits organizational courses.